Changing Education Paradigms

Education is the most important factor in any person’s life. It’s starts the moment you take your first breath. You learn how to cry to get your way and how to say please and thank you. You learn to read and write, drive your first car etc. To be honest, we keep learning new things until the day we die.

In the current day and age, people will be exposed and required to participate within the current education system by the time they are toddlers. Especially in western society. However, even though society is constantly changing, it seems as if the education system cannot or will not keep up with these changes.

Is this okay? Should we not mess with a system that has worked so well in the past? Are children getting the education they deserve and need? Let’s start up a conversation about the education system of your country. What works well, what doesn’t and how can your county’s education system be improved?

Watch this RSA Animate YouTube video of one of Sir Ken Robinson’s talks about the present education system and let me know you point of view.